Argyll MX Dixon CA

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Oct 25th T

Nov 15th/16th TC

Argyll MX Triple Crown

Nov 23rd OTHG Race

Argyll MX Dixon CA
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Argyll MX Dixon CA


Argyll MX

Has been in operation since the early 70's and has well established itself as a motocross racing and practice facility owned and operated by Mike Sexton. The track consists of a mixture of clay and sand with a varying array of man made obstacles to challenge both Beginner and Pro. The track layout and obstacles are changed often during the year.

Argyll MX continues to host racing and special track events thought out the year. Please check the Calendar for the latest schedule. Be sure to visit Club Moto, which is also Operated by the Sexton's. Get connected with our Facebook page for the latest Argyll MX info.

Trans-Cal Race This Saturday Oct 25th!

2014 Trans-Cal Series
Argyll MX Dixon CA

Triple Crown Race Series:
Argyll MX

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